Game Arrivals: July 26th

Here are our recent arrivals of great games
Choose Your Own Adventure
War With The Evil Power Master
Z-Man Games

War With The Evil Power Master is the second in the Choose Your Own Adventure series, a cooperative adventure game based on the book by R.A. Montgomery.  House Of Danger was the first in the series.

In With The Evil Power Master the evil power master is out to destroy the Galaxy.  It is up to you and your fellow players to stop him.  To save the Lacoonian System from doom you will make risky choices, collect bizarre data, and face mortal challenges.  Play again and a gain to uncover more secrets and more exciting endings.
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Century A New WorldPlan B Games

Century A New World is the third in the Century Trilogy series by Plan B Games.  This can be played as a stand alone game or it can be combined with Century Spice Road and Century Eastern Wonders.


In A New World, players will explore the New World as merchants at the turn of the 16th century.  On the verge of the wilderness, they will need to hunt and gather, harvest resources, explore, and trade with native inhabitants to survive.  Players experienced with the Century Trilogy will immediately appreciate the series’ hallmark trading mechanism but will be impressed with the new twist on worker placement.

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Sinister Fish Games
Villagers is a card drafting and village building game set during the Middle Ages when craftsmen abound. As a village founder you’ll invite people from all walks of life to live and work in your expanding community.  You will need to recruit the right people to create lucrative production chains while balancing your food production and building capacity so that your village will become the most prosperous winning the game.  – – 1 to 5 players – – 30 to 60 minutes.
Each player begins the game with a grain farm that produces food for many people.  However, you will need to choose wisely who you let settle into your village as food and resources are limited.  On your turn you will draft a villager card from the prepared road of face-up cards. The number of cards you will draft will be equal to 2+ the number of food symbols on villager cards already in your village.  Each player will draft one card replacing the empty slot with one from one of the face-down draw piles.  The next player then drafts one card and fills the slot.  This continues going around the table until all players have drawn their predetermined card drafting limit. Many of the villager cards will have special skills and some will have requirements that must be met.  Next begins the build phase.  On your turn you can place a number of your village cards into your village.  The number of cards will be equal to 2+ the number of production symbols on villager cards already in your village.  As your village continues to grow you will be able to generate more gold.  There are two market phases where you can earn gold.  The first occurs when the first two of the six draw stacks are empty.  The second market phase occurs after the last stack is empty, gold is awarded accordingly, and then ends the game.  The player with the most gold after the second market phase is the winner.
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Days Of Wonder
Corinth is a roll-and-write game for two to four players.  In each round, a handful of dice are rolled and players take turns selecting groups of dice to deliver goods to shops, purchase herds of goats or visit the market, recording their progress on their notepads.  Players will need to pay close attention to what their opponents are doing and choose between taking the best option for them or making sure their opponents don’t get theirs.

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Ticket To Ride New York
Days Of Wonder
Welcome to the 1960’s in Ticket To Ride New York, a stand-alone game.  In this fast-paced game, two to four players race one another through the busy streets of New your City to visit the prestigious tourist attractions and complete their destination tickets.
Ticket To Ride New York
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Heroic Adventures
Space Cowboys
Unlock! is a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms. Heroic Adventures is the latest in this series and includes these three adventures:
  • Insert Coin – beat  all the levels in this virtual adventure.  Escape or it’s Game Over.
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Scarlet thread of Murder – the master of detectives has a peculiar case ahead of him.
  • In Pursuit Of The White Rabbit – discover wonderland and all its strange inhabitants.  Hurry, Alice is running out of time
Search the scenes, combine the objects, and solve puzzles.
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Tiny Epic Mechs
Gamelyn Games
Tiny Epic Mechs is the latest in the Tiny Epic series of small box board games that pack a big punch from Gamelyn Games.
In Tiny Epic Mechs, players take on the roles of highly skilled and athletic Mech pilots.  They compete in a free-for-all battle royale over the span of six rounds.  In each round, players program their actions and execute them in order.  These actions keep you  moving around the arena while allowing you to deploy defensive turrets or explosive mines, collect resources, purchase weaponry, power up into your Power Armor, and eventually take control of the Mighty Mech.
Others in the Tiny Epic series include: Kingdoms, Galaxies, Quest, Westerns, Defenders, and Zombies.
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Underwater Cities
Rio Grande Games
Build a future under the waves in Underwater Cities, a worker placement with network and tableau building game.

As overcrowded metropolises spread across the earth, humanity has realized it is time to establish a new home on the ocean floor.  Kelp farms can provide food.  Desalination plants can provide water.  And laboratories can provide the technology needed to build a network of underwater cities.

In Underwater Cities players direct the founding of their own underwater nations.  They collect resources to build cities, a transportation network, and the facilities necessary to support life under the sea.
Everything is accomplished by playing cards to choose various actions.  If the car matches the action, the player also gains a benefit from the card.  At times, the action may be so important that the player will choose it even with a non matching card.  At other times, the benefit of the card may be so good that any action is acceptable as long as the card matches it.  Balancing these choices is the key to building an underwater habitat in which humanity can thrive.
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