Game Arrivals: Oct. 25th

Here are this week’s arrival of great games:
Keymaster Games
PARKS celebrate national parks around the United States with art from the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series.  In this game players take on the role of two hikers as they trek across a new trail each season to see sites and visit parks.  Each journey is unique with gear, canteens, and photos earned along the way.
Each Trail represents a different season, and as each season passes, the trails change and
grow steadily longer. Each turn, players send one of their Hikers down the trail. While on the trail, hikers will see beautiful sites and perform an action when they arrive. When a hiker reaches the end of the trail, they can spend tokens they have received to visit parks and earn points. Your goal is to have the most points from your parks, photos, and personal bonus at the end of the year.
PARKS comes with cool components including trail tiles, wooden hikers, an enamel first hiker medallion, wooden resources of water droplets, trees, sunshine, mountains, deer, moose, and elk.
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Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon is new from game designer Bruno Cathala (Yamatai, Kingdomino, Queendomino, Kanagawa, Five Tribes, 7 Wonders Duel…).

Publisher Description

Ishtar is a game in which you play the role of a gardener aiming to transform the dry desert into the Lost Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  To accomplish your mission, you will have to plant flowers, which, if you place them well, can help you gather precious gems and activate actions. Whether to buy Trees (which will block the link between two Flower spots, as well as earning you points) or to purchase upgrades (such as getting two more points per Tree card at the end of the game), collecting gems will be a crucial part of the game. Get them before your opponents, recruit apprentices, send them to earn points in the copses of flowers you have created, block others and think carefully of the upgrades to purchase if you want to become the best gardener at the end of the game!

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Plaid Hat Games
Battlelands: Aftermath is a fast and furious game of turf warfare for three to five players.  Players will send their fighters to seize key locations and to recruit even fiercer warriors who can help them turn the tide.  Players will use their factions’s abilities to play dirty.
Battlelands: Aftermath takes place in a post-apocalyptic land where humans are extinct.  Now the animals of the world try to survive by competing for territory, food, and precious technology.
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Arkham Horror
Dead Of Night
Fantasy Flight
Dead of Night is a new expansion for Arkham Horror, a cooperative game of mystery and terror for up to six players.  Inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, each unique sceario puts you in the shoes of one of Arkham’s investigators as they explore the streets of the city and work together to save humanity from unknowable horrors.
The Dead of Night expands on the core Arkaham Horror experience by doubling the number of encounter cards and adding new scenarios and investigators, offering players new ways to interact with the story.


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