Game Arrivals: Week of Feb. 24th – 27th

Here’s a look at the new games that came in this week:

Tiny Towns
Tiny Towns Fortune is the first expansion to the base game Tiny Towns, a one to  six-player game of building your tiny town.  Amp up your game with new buildings, monuments, and coins.  Earn coins by constructing multiple buildings at once which in turn are necessary to construct certain other buildings.  Certain buildings and monuments when constructed also provide coins.

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Greetings From Grandville
Adding to our kids selection of games is Greetings From Grandville, a two to four-player colorful sight-seeing game aimed at kids six and up that plays in 20 minutes.  Walk, bike, or take the bus or the subway around town to gather sight-seeing destination cards.  Be the first to gather four destinations and win the game.

Greetings From Grandville

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Two more games added to our kids games section are these two tile games:

Keys To The Castle
Keys To The Ice Castle
Outset Media

Both Keys To The Castle and Keys To The Ice Castle are a light strategy tile game aimed at ages 8 and above that play in 10 to 20 minutes.

Keys To The Castle is door flipping madness. Race against your fellow knights through the castle, where behind every door awaits a surprise.  By opening and locking doors (the tiles), be the first to cross the precarious maze to the other side.

Keys To The Ice Castle plays the same as Keys To The Castle but features a “frozen” theme, different characters, and a wand card that allows you to move another player.

Keys To The Castle    and   Keys To The Ice Castle

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