Game and Puzzle Arrivals: July 8th

Everdell game expansions and more Jigsaw Puzzles have arrived!

Cobble Hill Jigsaw Puzzles

Two new Everdell game expansions

Everdell – Spirecrest
Starling Games
Spirecrest is one of the two newest game expansions for the Everdell, a tableau-building and worker placement game for one to four players.

Far beyond the comfortable boundaries of the Everdell Valley, deep into mysterious and uncharted lands, adventure is waiting to be discovered. Ancient ruins? Critters from foreign lands? Giants? Gather your traveling supplies and your courage, and get ready for a daring journey through the mountains of Spirecrest!

Adding to your Everdell game play, Spirecrest features Discovery cards, Big Critters, Weather cards, and Map tiles.

  • Discovery cards: each unique and aimed at the season in which a player gets them.  They provide new goals to aim for, Big Critters, allies, and useful destinations.  
  • Big Critters: unique workers with interesting and helpful abilities, who also serve as trusty mounts.
  • Weather cards: revealed each season and impose challenging limitations to overcome.
  • Map tiles: collected during game for a potential end game Expedition to gain additional victory points.
publisher description

You will begin the game with a rabbit Traveler on the Mountain board. Every season you will have to face challenging weather that will alter how you are able to play. As the seasons change you will move your Traveler along the trail, gathering maps to plan a final Expedition, and making amazing discoveries. Smartly utilize the unique abilities of your Discovery cards, carefully plan for your endgame Expedition, and the story of your city—as well as your epic journey—will be remembered in Everdell for many seasons to come!

 Spirecrest’s components include: 30 Discover cards, 12 Weather cards, a mountain board, 30 map tiles, and figurines of foxes, rabbits, big critters, saddles, and a frog ambassador.
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Everdell – Bellfaire
Starling Games
Bellfaire is the other new game expansion for Everdell that arrived.  It’s a year-long celebration of Everdell’s 100th year anniversary courtesy of the king and queen! So come one, come all, as the Bellfaire expansion takes the game up to 6 players.  A new flat Bellfaire board with an added new market location can be used in place of the 3D Ever Tree and market board.  There are unique player powers, new event cards and Garland Awards.  The Garland Awards represent shared end game goals with first and second place prizes.

Bellfaire’s components also include: 6 player boards, 15 player power cards, 4 forest cards, 9 special events cards, figurines of cardinals, toads, and frog ambassadors, a flower festival tile, 4 market tokens a rugwort token, and 8 Axolotl tokens.

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