Game Profile: Stellar

Publisher: Renegade Games, 2020
Players: 2
Time: 30 Min.

Stellar is a 2-player card game with the theme of using a telescope to
discover celestial objects in outer space. 
There are five different types of celestial objects to discover with your
telescope: Asteroids, Black Holes, Interstellar Clouds, Moons, and Planets.

The game mechanics are easy to learn. 
Both players start by getting two cards. 
One is played at the top of their telescope.  The other is placed face up in front of them
to form the start of their notebook.  On
each round, a player will add a card to their hand from the common field, play a card from their
hand and play a card chosen from the common field with one placed in their
telescope and one to their notebook.  In
eleven turns, each player will build their telescope in three sections and add
eleven cards to their notebook.  Cards
placed in the telescope must follow adjacency rules.  Cards in the notebook are easier, but score
better when runs of numbers by celestial type are created and matched to
similar types in the telescope.  Additionally,
when selecting cards from the common field, the first one has no restrictions,
the second one is determined by the number assigned to the card played from the hand.  Play eleven turns – two cards
per turn.  Then add up your points.

Stellar really causes you to stop and think about every turn.  You only get eleven turns to play twenty-two
cards.  Every turn is important.  The game takes about 30 minutes to play, but
it is a fairly intense 30 minutes.  It is
one of the more thought provoking of the 2-player card games we have
played.  We like the artwork on the cards
and the intensity of the game play.
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