Game Arrivals: Oct. 1st

Here are this week’s board game arrivals:

New Game!
Alma Mater

New in is Alma Mater, a tight worker placement game from the designers of Coimbra and Lorenzo Il Magnifio.  With cool plastic books, 2 – 4 players will compete for points in 90 – 150 minutes of game play.

Alma Mater

It’s early Renaissance, universities are emerging and you are needed as headmaster.  In this worker placement game played over 6 rounds, the goal is for your university to become the most successful and prestigious,  i.e. the most in victory points.  To accomplish this goal, you will need to recruit teachers and students both of which cost books – both yours and a combination of other players, and coins.  Each player will have their own set of books to place into their libraries.  You will want to increase their value in these libraries by moving up on the research track as other players will need to purchase them and you will want to gain as much money as possible.  Recruiting students will provide special abilities, immediate benefits, or extra bonus points.  Recruiting teachers will provide end of game points based on their stated value as well as special abilities or extra points.  There is more going on than meets the eye at the start of the game.  Let the semester begin!

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New Game Expansion!
Isle of Cats – Late Arrivals
The City of Games

Isle of Cats: Late Arrivals is an expansion for the base game, Isle of Cats, a polyomino game of rescuing cats to your boat.  The Late Arrivals expansion adds 2 more players, taking the game to up to 6 players, and increases your options with ore unique player boards, cat tiles, treasures and cards.

The Isle of Cats – Late Arrivals

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New Game Expansion!
Sagrada – Life
The Great Facades
Floodgate Games
Sagrada: Life is the second of three in the Great Facades modular expansions line for the base game Sagradaa dice drafting and window crafting game for 1 to 6 players.  Sagrada: Passion was the first of these.

Sagrada: Life is a modular expansion that introduces new challenges to test your artisanal
skills. Gain helpful abilities through apprentice cards, draft
masterwork dice to gain prestige for tackling tricky new restrictions,
and reap the rewards of rising to the challenge of toil public
objectives. Pick and chose which modules you want to play or include them all.

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Isle of Cats – A tile-laying game of rescuing cats – – 1-4 players – – 60-90 minutes play time.
Dice Forge – A dice crafting game, players build their own dice – – 2-4 players – – 45 minutes play time. 
Dice City – Roll Build Win in this dice-crafting tactical game – – 1-4 playes – – 45 minutes play time.
Catan: Cities and Knights – Expand your game with a more complex commodity market and knights to defend your cities  – – 3-4 players – – 90 minutes play time.
Camel Up: 2nd Edition –  A family friendly crazy camel racing game – – 2-8 players – – 30-45 minutes play time.

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