Game Profile: Antiquity Quest

Publisher:  Grandpa Becks Games, 2019
Players:  2 – 8
Time:  30 – 90 Min.
The theme of Antiquity Quest is that players are archeologists searching for the most valuable sets of antiquities and treasures.  This is a set collection and hand management card game that features six different suits of antiquities numbered from 1 to 5.  Each set has 5 of
each number plus three wilds.
  Additionally, there is a suit of five different treasure type cards which are more valuable than the antiquities.  And lastly, there are two types of special ability character cards (Tess and Nigel).  The objective is to get rid of your cards while creating as many specific sets worth victory points as you can.  The player with the most points at the end of three rounds is the winner.

The mechanics of the game are straight forward. Players begin the game with two hands of cards, ten as their starting hand, and ten face down in front of them that won’t be picked up until their first hand is completely gone.  On a player’s turn they either draw two cards from the face down draw deck or they take the entire discard pile.  That player can then lay down new sets in front of them and/or add to any existing sets, theirs or their opponents as well as play any Tess or Nigel cards that they have.  The round ends when a player has gotten rid of both hands of cards and will receive a significant scoring bonus for doing so.  The other players get one last turn to lay down whatever cards from their hand that they can.   
At the end of each round tally your points on the score pad. There is a 500-point bonus awarded to the player who ended the round.  Complete sets will score ranging from 250 points
to 1,000 points depending on its type.
 A completed set is 5 cards – no more no less.  A complete set made up of a mix of same numbers of a suit and treasures is not worth as much as a complete perfect set that is made up of one of each number for that suit, i.e. a straight.  The same goes for treasures, a complete set with duplicate treasures of the same type is not worth as many points as a complete set made up of one of each of the different treasures. Additionally, each card in your complete and incomplete sets scores points based on it’s type.  Points are also scored for played Tess and Nigel cards.  Lastly, point deductions for each unplayed card remaining in your hand.

Antiquity Quest is quick and smooth with scores that reach tens of thousands.  The cards are typical of Grandpa Beck’s Games high quality.  This one is fun with the opportunity for some serious I gotcha moments.
Antiquity Quest
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