Game Profile: Kingsburg 2nd Ed.

  • Publisher:  Z-Man Games, 2017
  • Players:  2 – 5
  • Time:  90- 120 min.

Kingsburg is a city building, worker placement game with a twist.  The game is played over 5 years with each year divided into 8 phases (two phases for each of the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter).  At the start of each year and after determining which player will receive aid from the king, all players roll their dice simultaneously.  The dice become the workers to be placed carefully on some of the king’s 18 advisors.  Each advisor helps the player who places their dice on him by granting rewards.  These range from victory points, resources, armies, etc.  Resources are used to construct buildings and to build an army.  Buildings provide abilities throughout the game and score victory points as they are constructed.  Armies are necessary to fend off the invading enemies that appear at the end of each year – Winter.  Defeat the invading enemy and gain rewards, lose and forfeit resources, buildings, or victory points.  Additionally, the king will appear during the year to bestow rewards on the strongest player and aid on the weakest player.  The player who rolls well, plans well and pleases the king will gain the most victory points.

  • Included in the 2nd edition are these six modules providing added variability and challenges challenges.  Any number of these can be added in to your game set up.
    • Module 1: More Buildings – play the reverse side of your buildings board which adds 2 more rows of buildings for a total of 7 rows.
    • Module 2: Alternate Buildings – there 2 each of 7 different types of building strips.  Cover a row on your board with one of these strips to customize your board. Players are dealt two at the beginning of the game of which both can be kept and played.
    • Module 3: Governor Cards – provides a unique effect during the game to that player.  At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt three and selects one to keep.
    • Module 4: Destiny Cards – Effects that last during the year in which it is drawn. Each year a new destiny card is revealed.
    • Module 5: Soldier Tokens – replaces the King’s aid in the 2nd phase of Winter Battle.  Before the enemy card is revealed, each player may select one of their tokens to increase their army’s strength.  Each unused token is worth victory points equal to its strength value.
    • Module 6: Alternate Advisor Rewards Tiles – provides different rewards for each of the sixteen advisors from those printed on the game board.  Each player selects one face-down tile and places it face-up on the game board over the top of its respective advisor.
Kingsburg 2nd Edition

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