Game Profile: Glasgow

  • Publisher:  Lookout Games, 2020
  • Players:  2
  • Time:  30 Min.

In Glasgow is a 2-player city building strategy game where both players construct a 4 by 5 grid of buildings representing the city of Glasgow.  Even though both players build a central city together, this is definitely a competitive game.

The game is set up building a random rondel of contract tiles and carefully spaced architect tiles.  Two build tiles are randomly drawn and placed above each of the four architect tiles.  Building tiles are an assortment of shops, parks, train stations, tenements, landmarks, banks, and factories.  Factories produce resources when activated.  All other buildings produce points using different methods to score.  On a turn a player moves their merchant figure clockwise around the rondel to the tile of their choice and takes the action of that tile.  Contract tiles generally yield one of the three resources: stone, steel, or gold.  Architect tiles allow players to buy the buildings above that architect tile.  When purchased, these buildings are immediately placed in the city adjacent to an already existing building.  Game end Is triggered when the 4 by 5 grid of buildings is complete.

The tension in the game starts at the start.  Whichever merchant is furthest behind on the rondel goes next.  If a player skips a few tiles ahead to get to a choice spot, their opponent will have turn after turn to move one tile at a time and load up their warehouse with resources and/or purchase buildings.  Each player’s warehouse has a limited capacity.  There is room to store 5 stone, 4 steel, 3 gold, and 1 whiskey barrel.  There is just one whiskey barrel to be had.  It is a wild resource, so use it or lose it. Glasgow is a 2-player, 30 minute game in a small box that packs some significant pop.


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