Game Profile: Big Money

Big Money
  • Publisher:  Wonder Forge, 2018
  • Players:  2 – 5
  • Time:  30 Min.

Big Money lives up to its name.  The dollars come in $1 zillion, $5 zillion and $10 zillion bills. Who doesn’t want to be a zillionaire? This dice rolling and set collection game is easy to learn, easy to play and easy to get to the table.

Players begin the game with one $5 zillion business. Each business is from 1 or 5 types: sports, food, travel, entertainment, or technology.  The object of the game is to accumulate the most money.  On their turn a player roles 6 dice.  One is an industry die.  On 5 of the sides of this die is the symbol for each of the industry types.  Every business of that type is paid for all players owning that type of building.  Pays range from $5 zillion to $15 zillion for each business.  There is also a bonus payout for having more than one business in an industry type.  In addition, there are stock certificates available for each industry.  They are more expensive to buy, but are a quick way to double the investment.  Buildings are kept in play after a payout.  Stock certificates bring a one-time payout.  Then they are discarded.

There is a 6th symbol on the industry die.  It triggers biz news when it is rolled.  Biz news is a card deck on the main board.  Biz news is not good news.  It generally means players are going to spending money to cover the biz.  Once the industry die is settled, the active player selects dice from the other 5 six-sided dice to keep.  They then get 2 more rolls to complete the best poker score they can.  One Pair pays them $5 zillion.  Five of a kind pays them $30 zillion.  Next, the active player can purchase 1 of the 4 face up businesses in the market. 

Play continues until the bank runs out of money.  Players add up their zillions to determine who is the winner of Big Money

Big Money

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