Game Profile: Bunny Kingdom

  • Publisher:  Iello, 2017
  • Players:  2 – 4
  • Time:  40 – 60 Min.

Bunny Kingdom is one of those games that plays at a different level that the art and theme would indicate.  The theme sounds young.    The box says ages 14 and up.  This is really a family weight game that can be played by players 10 and up.  Bunny Kingdom is about amassing points by building fiefs with bunny miniatures and accumulating parchment cards for additional game end scoring.

At its heart, Bunny Kingdom is a card drafting game.  In a 4-player game, each player will be dealt 10 cards at the start of each of four rounds.  Players will look at their ten cards, select two to play and pass the remaining eight to the player on their left or right, depending on the round.  Each player, then plays their two cards after which they will select two more cards to play from the cards just passed to them and pass the remaining 6.  Play continues in this manner.  Once all cards have been selected and played, the round moves to the scoring phase.  There are four major types of cards.  One type defines a location on the central game board.  The game board is made up of 10×10 terrain spaces.  Each space has one card with its location. Play a location card and place one of your bunnies on that space.  You want to try to get locations adjacent to each other.  A second card type is buildings.  These provide cities with turrets, sky towers, or resources to place in your fiefs that can increase your scoring potential.  A third type is provision cards and there are only a few.  These allow you to draw and play cards from the card supply deck.  A fourth type are parchment cards, lots of them.  These provide additional end game points if the conditions are met.  Parchment cards are kept secret and when selected are placed face down in the player’s play area and not revealed until end game scoring.  A round’s scoring phase is calculated by multiplying the number of city turrets times the number of different types of resources in each fief controlled by a player.  Scores are kept on the score track located on the game board.  Scores after the first round are typically 1 or 2.  After round 2 they will be more like 7 or 8.  Third round scores could be in the 40’s or 50’s.  Fourth round scores may be well over 100.  After the fourth round is scored, end of game scoring takes place.  Players reveal their parchment cards and tally their additional points.  You can rack up another 50 to 100 points with these.  The player with the most points wins.

The game play in Bunny Kingdom is light and breezy like the name suggests.  However, it is very tactical.  Building fiefs is essential and a player needs to pay attention to where other players are building.  The card drafting is a little tense.  Of the 10 cards dealt at the start of a round, most players will want to hang on to most of them and not want to pass them.  This one is 45 minutes of fun with bunnies.

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