Game Profile: Sagrada

  • Publisher:  Floodgate Games, 2017
  • Players:  1 – 4
  • Time:  30 – 45 minutes

Sagrada is all about creating a beautiful stained-glass window.  Five different colors of dice are used to build your own, hopefully high scoring, colorful window.

Each player has a player board with a 4×5 grid waiting to be filled with dice.  Before the game starts, each player is dealt 2 double-sided window patterned cards.  They chose one of the cards and the side they want to play.  Some are easier to play than others.  Selecting a more difficult card provides more favor tokens that can be spent on helper cards during the game and unspent as victory points at the end of the game.  Each of the ten rounds begins with the start player randomly drawing two dice per player plus one from a bag.  Each player will get to place two dice and the remaining unchosen die will be placed on the round tracker.  The start player rolls these dice and places them in the central play area.  That player then selects one die to put in their window.  Now the fun begins. Some spots on your board require a certain color die.  Some spots require a certain number on a die.  The same color die may not be placed adjacent orthogonally to a die of the same color.  The same applies to the number on the die – cannot be placed adjacent orthogonally to a die of the same number.  However, they can be place diagonally from the same color or number.  One more rule, is when you are placing a die it must be placed adjacent (orthogonally or diagonally) from another die already on your board.

Turn order comes into play because die selection is; 1st player selects and places one die, then 2nd player does the same, then the 3rd player, then 4th player.  For the second die selection, it proceeds in reverse order beginning with the 4th player and ending with the 1st player.  The remaining die is placed on the round tracker and the 1st player token moves left to the next player.  After ten rounds, everyone has had the opportunity to place 2 dice per round and fill their 4×5 grid.  Final scoring is based on three things.  There are three public goals randomly dealt face-up at the start of the game. These cards provide points for certain combinations of colors or numbers. As well, each player is randomly dealt a private goal. This will be a color, and a player scores the sum of the numbers on all of that color dice on their board.  Lastly, there is a 1-point penalty for each vacant spot that could not be filled legally.  Tally the points and the player with the most points wins.

Sagrada is quick at 30 to 40 minutes, colorful, and a little more tactical than it first appears.  This is a great game the family can enjoy.


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