New Games: 6.26.2021

New games in include: Subastral, Chronicles of Time 1900, and Here To Slay.

~ ~ New Game ~ ~


Subastral is a set collection card game from Renegade Games.  The object is to collect the best set of biome cards in your journal.  There are 8 different biomes and points will be scored if a player can collect a full set.  There will also be scores for a player’s largest 2 sets of biomes.  The process of collecting the cards and playing them in a tableau is dictated by where you select cards and the numbers on those cards.  The rules are straight forward.  The way to get points for a big score at the end of the game will be more challenging. The eight biomes are:  subtropical desert, savanna, tropical rainforest, chaparral, temperate grassland, temperate forest, taiga and arctic tundra. – – 2 to 5 players – – 15 to 30 minutes game play.

~ ~ New in a Series ~ ~

Chronicles of Crime 1900

Chronicles of Crime 1900

Chronicles of Crime: 1900 is a cooperative game of criminal investigation mixing a board game, an app and a touch of Virtual Reality. You and your team will be put on crime cases, moving all around town, interviewing suspects or witnesses, and searching for clues in 3D scenes. This is a standalone game that challenges players to not only skillfully collect evidence and interrogate suspects but also to solve some escape-room-style puzzles incorporated into each scenario. ~ ~ 1 to 4 players ~ ~ 60 to 90 minutes game play.

~ ~ New ~ ~

Here To Slay

Here To Slay is a role-playing fantasy card game from the creators of Unstable Unicorns. This is a quick playing game of using cute characters to defeat monsters and/or assemble the right party of adventurers. Turns are quick.  The artwork is fun.  The rules are simple.  There is a lot of “take that” kind of actions.  Kill 3 monsters to win.  You will need the right set of heroes and a good dice roll to get it done.  Each monster requires different things.  The other way to win is to assemble one hero from each of the 6 classes.  Other players cannot take away your slain monsters, but they can take away your heroes. Enter a world of cute, cuddly, and utterly destructive creatures. – – 2 to 6 players – – 15 to 30 minutes game play.

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