New Game: Streets

New from Sinister Fish Games is Streets, an urban tile-laying game where players collectively build a city and invest in buildings to try and earn the most money. – – 1 to 5 players – – 30 to 60 minutes.

publisher description:

Players are investors creating attractive new streets in the growing city, investing in new businesses and homes. Some streets turn into hotspots for hipsters, others become dominated by tourists, or families with children. Others still will become designated shopping areas. Where will your Microbrewery profit the most? What is the best location for a Toy Store? What kind of environments are the other investors creating, and can you exploit their work for your own gain?

publisher description:

Gameplay is straightforward; players take turns to place one building tile from a hand of three, putting an ownership sign in their player color on each building they place. People (custom wooden meeples) are put on buildings according to the color & number of icons at the bottom. Each person increases the value of the building it occupies.

Rows of up to five buildings form streets. When a street becomes enclosed at each end, every building on it scores according to the valuation in its top right corner. After scoring, any people in the street try to move to buildings on streets that haven’t been enclosed. For instance, green people (parents) will try to move to green parent-friendly buildings. In the same way, yellow people (hipsters) will try to go to yellow hipster hotspots. Crowds of meeples grow as the game goes on, and so the stakes get higher and higher. Careful planning is important because the player who encloses a street gets to decide where those people move next.


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