New Game: Three Sisters

Three Sisters is a roll and write game from the designers of Fleet the Dice Game, Ben Pinchback & Matt Riddle. The game is named for three of the basic crops from early America: corn, beans & pumpkins.  The object of the game is to score the most points by planting and harvesting crops including the three the game is named for plus, perennials and fruit.  In addition, there is a shed full of gardening tools that can be acquired to add to the point total. 

Each round a set of dice will be rolled and placed on a rondel in order from lowest to highest.  Each player gets to select a die and do the action of the number on the die and the action of the rondel from where the die was selected.  Then all players get to do the action of the remaining die on the rondel with the lowest number.  The different areas of a player’s scoresheet are interconnected so as they progress they earn bonuses, free actions, and more.

Three Sisters plays over 8 rounds with lots of decisions and many ways to go about gaining the most points.  The key will be to work the various combinations more effectively than the other gardeners.  – – 1 to 4 players – – 30 to 60 minutes game play


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