New Game: The Guild of Merchant Explorers

The Guild of Merchant Explorers is an exploration of the Kingdom of Tigome.  In each game players will use a set of action cards to push out from a central city on their player map in various directions on different terrain types: mountains, deserts, plains and seas.  The objective is to accumulate the most points.  Exploring certain areas on the map will yield points.  In addition, there will be 3 goal cards drawn before the game starts to set public objectives.  The first player to meet an objective will receive 10 points.  Those meeting that objective later will receive 5 points. Those objectives may involve exploring trading posts, or towers, or shipwrecks.  – – 1 to 4 players – – 45 minutes game play

The game is played over 4 ages.  Each age takes place over several turns equal to the number of cards in the Exploration Deck. Players take turns simultaneously, placing explorers on spaces on their map according to the revealed explore card. Explorers must be placed adjacent to villages, the capital space, or previously placed explorers, and as players discover more villages, they can begin their journey each age from any of these new villages.   Special cards will be drawn in each of the first 3 ages that give each player a unique and powerful additional action that can be used in each age.  At the end of the 4th age the player with the most points wins.

The Guild of Merchant Explorers includes 4 different types of player maps.  All players use the same map in a game, but there are 4 types to choose from.  Some of them have slight rules variations to enhance the replayability of the game. 


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