New Game: Carnegie

Carnegie is an economic game of industrial development inspired by the life of Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist. In Carnegie, players will recruit employees and expand their businesses by investing in real estate, producing goods, developing transport technology, and creating transport chains across the United States. The game is all about building an efficient factory to gain the most points by game end. The player with the most victory points wins.

– – 1 to 4 players – – 120 to 180 minutes game time

The game takes place over 20 rounds, with players each having one turn per round. In each round the active player will choose one of four actions, which the other players will follow.

Each player starts with the same factory, but that will soon change as players add new rooms to their factory.  Workers are used to activate the actions of rooms and to move to the main board.  Moving to the main board will gain resources.  When those workers are brought back to their factory they will bring income with them. The main board is a map of the US.  It is broken into 4 major sections.  Having workers in those sections will bring additional resources.

There is a lot going on in Carnegie.  Points will come from many directions.  It features worker movement, resource management and some network building on the main board.

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