New Game: Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a mid-level strategy game where players take on the role of printing pioneers. Based on the person who invented the printing press, the game uses tracks for typesetting, wood cutting, binding and illuminating. During the game, players will acquire and fulfill orders for valuable volumes, develop their specialties, improve their printing houses, and obtain the support of a powerful patron. Through these actions, players will earn fame points, which will determine the winner. – – 1 to 4 players – – 50 minutes game play

Each player starts with a character with a special ability and two letters, (A, E, I) etc.  Each turn will consist of 5 possible actions.  Players will go behind a screen and place cubes on their own bidding board to see which actions they will do this round and in which turn order they will get to go.  There are 5 action slots to bid on: take orders, take pigments, increase technologies, take gears for their player board, and hire a patron to give them points at game end.  Players have enough cubes to bid on all 5 actions, but the player who places the most cubes on an action spot will go first to take that action.  The actions allow players to increase one of the 5 things.  The actions will be determined by face up tiles or cards for each.  Going first will be an advantage for each action.  Once the actions are completed every player has the opportunity to fulfill orders.  Each player can be working towards no more than 4 orders at one time.  Points are awarded for orders completed during the game.  At game end points are also earned for any patrons taken and for reaching certain heights along the tracks for each of the four technologies.  The player with the most points will win. 


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