New Game: LUNA Capital

  • MECHANICS: Tableau Building, Tile Placement, Open Drafting, Set Collection
  • PUBLISHER: Devir, 2022
  • PLAYERS: 1 to 4
  • TIME: 45 minutes


In Luna Capital players are going back in time to 1977 to see who can build the best city on the surface of the moon. The player with the most points at the end of 12 rounds will be awarded the prestige of having their city designated The Captial. Points are awarded for completing the threes concession (goal) cards randomly selected before the start of the game. Additional points are scored for sets of greenhouses, sales offices, two different types of residential buildings with different adjacency requirements, and number of meteorites.

Luna Capital is played in 3 phases (A, B, and C) of 4 rounds each equaling 12 turns per player. Each player starts the game with three construction cards in their hand. On each turn they will select from the central market area, one of the four available construction cards that has a number of project tiles placed with that card. The number of tiles placed with a construction card is based on the current Phase; i.e., Phase A-Round 1 will only have one tile placed with each construction card, Phase A-Round 2 will have 2 tiles per card, Phase A-Round 3 will have 3 tiles per card, and Phase A-Round 4 will have 4 tiles per card. The same setup for Phases B and C. Construction cards are numbered 1 through 10. The selected construction card is added to the player’s hand. Next the player will choose one of their construction cards from their hand to play into their city. They must place the construction card in ascending order in a row. You can only have a maximum of three rows. Each construction card has room for four project tiles. All tiles taken on a turn must be placed on a construction card within your city. Play continues in this manner for Phase B and Phase C. At the completion of Phase C, scoring takes place and the honor of becoming the Luna Capital is awarded.

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