New Game: Splendor Duel

Splendor Duel brings a smart 2 player version of Splendor to us in a 30-minute game play.

In Splendor Duel, there are three ways to win the game – 1) collect 20 points on cards, 2) collect 10 crowns on cards, or 3) collect 10 points on one color of cards.

On each turn a player will be able to take two optional actions.  One will be to reload the board where gems are located for use later to buy cards.  The second option is to use a privilege token to take one gem from the main board.  Then the player will be able to either take up to 3 gems from the main board, as long as they are adjacent to each other or buy one of the face-up cards.  In this version of Splendor there are 5 cards face up from the first deck, 4 from the second deck and 3 from the third deck.  Cards come in five colors plus wild cards that must have their color declared when they are bought.  Some cards have crowns on them. Some cards have special ability symbols on them.  Those abilities can be to take another turn, another gem or a privilege token.  Some even allow a player to steal a gem from their opponent.  Splendor Duel has all of the great game play of Splendor with some very interesting added elements.  

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