New Game: Tiletum

Tiletum is a dice management game in which dice have a dual function: gaining resources and performing actions. Take on the roles of rich merchants traveling throughout Europe, from Flanders to Venice, during the Golden Age of the Renaissance. 1 to 4 players – – 60 to 100 minutes game play

Tiletum is a game in which wealthy merchants visit cities across Europe.  Along the way they will build trading posts and pillars contributing to the construction of cathedrals.  Players in this game will also invite influential figures into their homes and fulfill contracts using the resources available.  When the time comes, at the end of each of the 4 rounds, players should be positioned in the city where a fair will be held.  Points are scored at that time based on scoring tiles randomly drawn and placed face up before the game starts.  Points are scored during play with major points available during each of the 4 fairs.  In addition, there will be points awarded at game end for houses completely filled with guests and a multiplier for trading houses and pillars built.  The player with the most points will be the winner. 

As a dice management game, a certain number of dice will be rolled each round. On your turn, choose a die to gain the number of corresponding resources equal to the value of the die, then perform the associated action. The power of the action is inversely proportional to the value of the die, so the fewer resources you gain, the more powerful the actions you take and vice versa. Each turn begins with the first player drawing random dice and rolling them.  They will be placed around an action wheel based on the number of pips on the die.  There are 6 action spaces around the action wheel.  They are king action, contract action, architect action, character action, merchant action, and joker action.  Each of those actions gives the player 3 options of what to do with that action.  There is an architect and a trader that can be moved around the map to get to locations to build and to get to the right cities to participate in the fairs.  There are contracts to accept and fill.  There are houses on a player’s board to filled with guests. There is a king track to score points and to claim player order.  In other words there are many things to do, many ways to go about doing them.  The player who pulls all of that together will be the winner of Tiletum.  

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