New Game: The Wolves

The Wolves is all about building and moving a pack of wolves to gain additional members of the pack and get them position when the time is right to hunt prey or to dominate a region.  – – 2 to 5 players – – 75 minutes game play

Every pack starts with 2 regular wolves and 2 alpha wolves.  On each turn players can move their wolves, build a den, howl, or dominate. The modular board will have symbols randomly placed on them to start the game.  In each of the 3 scoring rounds the wolf pack with dominance in the areas selected will score points.  The packs will know where they need to be and when they need to be there before the game starts.  Along the way packs can be upgraded by howling to attract more wolves or by building dens to unlock abilities. Packs can score points by surrounding prey and by building dens.  Points are also scored by dominating areas at the scoring rounds. 

Your packs must howl, build and move, move, move.  After all, Wolves don’t sit still.  The actions are triggered by using a tile flipping system on each player’s board.  In order to activate an action a player must flip over 2 matching tiles of the 6 available.  The tiles have different terrain types on the other side.  Players have to think ahead.  They will need to flip the right tiles to do the action they want this turn and set them up to do the action they want on the next turn.  This one looks like a howling good time.

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