New Game: Earth

Earth is a tableau building card game where each player gets to create their own island. Their island will be made up of a 4×4 grid of cards. The object of the game is to score the most points. Points are available from a variety of sources and every player will have ample opportunities to roll up a lot of points. Cards played in your tableau score points, sprouts added to these cards score points, tree trunks and canopies added to cards score as well. In addition each player will have a personal scoring goal card. There will also be six public scoring cards. Four of these are races, with the player completing the goal first gaining more points than those who complete the goal later. Two of the public goals are for game end scoring. – – 1 to 5 players – – 45 to 90 minutes

On a turn, the active player selects 1 of 4 actions to activate. The active player gets to take that action in full while every other player gets to a take a less powerful action. There is no down time. A player gets actions on every player’s turn. In addition, each of the 4 actions have a color code. When an action is selected it triggers the action of very card of that color in each player’s tableau. In this game virtually every action is a positive for every player.

At the start of the game, each player gets dealt one island card, one climate card, and one goal card. Each card is double-sided. These cards will give the player a starting direction and some dirt – the currency in the game.

Game end is triggered when a player finishes their sixteen-card grid. Earth features great pictures on the cards, easy rules to get started, and about 45 to 90 minutes of non-stop action. With 283 earth cards, players won’t have to worry about playing the same strategy too many times. This game comes loaded with replay value.

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