New Game: Federation

Federation is a big worker placement game from Eagle-Gryphon that takes place in the year 2442. It is a game of space exploration and politics. The goal is to score the most points over a five-year period to become the newest member of the Federation. During the game, players will send their ambassadors to various planets and senate chambers where they will either invest in the planet or use their influence to vote on the laws. Points come from a variety of places based on influence and investments. – – 2 to 4 players – – 60 to 120 minutes

Players have four double-sided ambassadors to be used as workers. One side allows the player to invest on one of the five planets. The other side allows the player to vote on one of the laws. Two of your ambassadors have a voting power of 1 and the other two have a voting power of 2 and 3, respectively.

On the central game board there are 18 spots to place ambassadors: two for each of the five planets, six senate rooms, and 2 spy locations. These spaces are arranged in three rows and six columns. They are split with nine spaces on the left and nine on the right. At the end of a year points are awarded to the player with the most votes in each of the three rows. The number of points awarded is determined by how high the player has moved on an authority track. Ambassadors placed in senate rooms move the authority track up.

At the end of a year votes are tallied for each of the two randomly drawn laws – one for the nine spaces on the left side and one for the nine spaces on the right side. The winning law is associated with one of the planets. The player with the most influence on that planet will score points. Influence is gained by making investments on a planet and by acquiring erudite from the planet.

Each of the five planets offers something different. Investing on the orange planet yields resources. Investing on the yellow planet gains abilities to trade and upgrade resources. The pink planet investments allow players to acquire erudite with one-time abilities and influence. Blue planet investments grant tokens to enhance ambassador actions. Investing on the green planet creates production abilities in several areas including production of spaceships. Each spaceship can be used to complete one of twelve missions on each player’s board. The missions must be initiated by investment actions earlier in the game. When completed, each mission generates a one-time action.

Much of the scoring is done at each year end. The significant scoring at game end is awarded based on how many medals of honor a player acquires during the game. There is one medal awarded in one of the senate rooms. Each planet has a medal of honor that can be earned there. Planet medals are earned by investing enough on that planet. These medals get progressively harder to achieve as players earn them.

Federation is a unique gaming experience.

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