New Game: Mycelia

Mycelia is a game that requires players to move all twenty of their dewdrops from various location on their player board to their shrine location before other players. The shrine is a location on the 4×5 board of four different terrain types. At the start of the game player’s will place their dewdrops on their boards in the pattern shown on a randomly selected tile. They will also start with six basic action cards. Each round, players will draw three cards from the top of their deck. Cards can be used to move dewdrops or to gain leaves. Leaves can be used to buy more powerful cards from the fie face up cards in the showplace. The purchased card will be placed on top of their deck for use in the next round.

There is a large shrine in the middle of the table with slots for eleven dewdrops. All dewdrops that reach a player’s shrine location will move to the major shrine. As this major shrine fills, it will be rotated with all the dewdrops and one die spilling out onto the table. The die along with a randomly drawn tile will determine where one or two dewdrops will get placed back on each player’s board. The remaining spilled dewdrops will be discarded.

The key to success is getting those stronger action cards in order to move and even remove dewdrops more efficiently than the other players.

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