More Game Arrivals: 3.26.2021

Off The Charts Games

Another shipment of games has arrived. Back in stock are Marvel Splendor, Camel Up, Kingsburg, Catan Cities & Knights Expansion along with it’s 5 to 6 Player Extension, Catan Seafarers Expansion, and 7 Wonders Leaders Expansion.

  • Marvel Splendor – The superheroes of Marvel have taken over Splendor. Same easy core rules but a different color structure, a new endgame trigger, and new victory conditions. – – 2 to 4 players – – 30 minutes game play.
  • Camel Up – A family friendly crazy camel racing game. Place your bets!  And then they’re off!   Five camels in a quick race around the track. You need to be good at guessing early which will place first and second to maximize your wins.  Things get wild as the camels can end up stacking on top of each other or start off by running in the wrong direction.  It’s mayhem but fun is sure to ensue. – – 2 to 8 players – – 30 to 45 minutes game play.
  • Kingsburg 2nd Edition – a city building, worker placement game with a twist. The second edition includes six expansion modules. – – 2 to 5 players – – 90 to 120 minutes game play.
  • Catan Cities & Knights Expansion – Add more fun to your Catan base game with Commodity and Progress cards, metropolises, an event die, knights to protect your kingdom and barbarians that attack kingdom. – – 3 to 4 players – – 90 minutes game play.
  • Catan Cities & Knights 5-6 Player Extension – Takes your Cities & Knights Expansion to 5 and 6 players. Must have Catan base game and Catan 5 to 6 Player Extension.
  • Catan Seafarers Expansion – Add more fun to your Catan base game with water tiles that create islands, ships, a pirate, and “gold” land tiles. Your longest road can now be a combination of roads and ships. Gold tiles provide resources of your choice. And now you a choice to use the robber or a pirate to block and steal a resource. – – 3 to 4 players – – 90 minutes game play.
  • 7 Wonders Leaders Expansion – Introduces the notable personality, who offer various advantages to your 7 Wonders game.  At the beginning of the game, players create a Leader hand from which they will be able to play a leader at the beginning of every Age. These leaders can give victory points, scientific symbols, shields, cost reduction for playing cards, etc. Additionally, there is a new Wonder card – Rome.


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  • We have a full range of family games, strategy games, Euro-style games, war games, card games, dice games, and more.  Additionally, for the jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts we carry quality puzzles from Ravensburger, Cobble Hill, White Mountain, Dowdle, Pomegranate, and New York Puzzle Company.

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