New Game: TEN

TEN is a press-your-luck and auction card game with a couple of interesting twists and from the design group that gave us Point Salad and Truffle Shuffle.

The object of a game of TEN is to create runs of numbers of 1 through 9 in four different suits.  Scoring is based on the longest run of consecutive numbers in each suit for each player.  The player with the biggest runs will be the winner.

On a turn the active player will turn over cards from the top of a draw deck until they either stop and take cards from the row they turned over or they bust.  Each card counts as its numerical value.  If a player turns over cards with a total value of more than 10 they bust.  One twist is that there are currency tokens that subtract from the value turned over.  However if a player turns over currency cards worth more than negative 10 they also bust.  Busting isn’t all bad.  For doing so a player will get a bust token, which has a value of three currency tokens.  Every time a wild card is drawn an auction will take place to see who gets that card.  Players use their currency tokens and bust tokens to win the bid and take the wild card to play in one of their runs at game end.  If a player stops before they bust, they get to choose to take either the number cards turned over or the currency cards turned over.  This game is easy to play and can get some interesting player interactions.


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