More New Games

More new games arrived in this week: Azul: Queen’s Garden, Creature Comforts, and Tiny Epic Dungeons.


Azul Queen’s Garden is the fourth standalone game in the Azul series. In Queen’s Garden, players are tasked to arrange a magnificent garden for the King’s lovely wife by arranging beautiful plants, tree, and ornamental features. Using innovative drafting mechanism, players must carefully select colorful tiles to decorate their garden. During 4 rounds, your objective is to create the most beautiful garden by arranging patterns and colors that will score you points and lead you to victory. – – 2 to 4 players – – 45 to 60 minutes

In Queen’s Garden the drafting mechanism is different from the other three games (Azul, Azul Stained Glass of Sintra, and Azul Summer Pavilion). The game starts with one face-up stack of tile fountain boards. The top one will be populated with four random tiles. Tiles are made up of six different colors with each color set having six different patterns.

The active player chooses to take all the tiles with the same pattern without duplicating color or all the tiles of a single color. When at least one tile is taken off of the top fountain board, this fountain board will get set aside keeping the remaining tiles on it. The newly revealed top fountain board is then populated with four random tiles. The next player will take all the tiles in either color or pattern from all of the fountain boards. Again, if a tile is taken off of the top garden board, it is set aside revealing another fountain board to be populated. Players may only choose tiles for which they have room for all of them on their storage board. Players will place tiles from their storage board into their garden following cost and placement rules. Empty fountain boards become available for players to add to their garden thus expanding scoring opportunities. Additionally, if you surround any of the preprinted garden structures in your garden you receive a bonus.

Each round continues until all players have passed at which time there will be a round scoring phase. The first person to pass will receive one negative point. After the fourth round, a final end of game scoring takes place. Only groups of three or more tiles in your garden will be scored. Score for both color groups and pattern groups. Groups of six will get a bonus.


Creature Comfort is a delightfully cozy game where you play as a family of wooden forest critters. Head out to the countryside to gather and harvest, use your goods to craft all sorts of comforts, and collect stories to fill you den with happiness. There’s plenty of room for everyone in all of t he spots in and around the village. The tricky part is that every location needs certain dice for a successful visit.. and you only know some of you dice before you send your workers out on errands.

publisher description

Creature Comfort plays over eight rounds called months. The gameboard features a variety of locations that provide differing benefits (such as gaining resources, Comfort cards, or Improvement cards). To gain a location’s benefit, you’ll need to send a worker there, hoping to later assign the dice needed to make the visit a success. Each player rolls two private Family dice before sending their workers out (so everyone will have a little advance knowledge of their own potential). Once all workers are placed, the four shared Village dice are rolled to set them for the month, and turns begin.
On your turn, you assign dice from your unique dice pool (2 Family and 4 Village) to your workers so they can do stuff. You’ll use the resources you gather to craft useful Improvements and valuable Comforts, trying especially to fashion items that work together to improve your score. The family that crafts the coziest collection of Comforts before the first snowfall wins the game!


Tiny Epic Dungeons is the next the Tiny Epic series of big games in a small box. Tiny Epic Dungeons is a cooperative game split into two acts. In both acts, players struggle against the waning torchlight as it decreases each turn. When the torch goes out, the heroes are forever lost in the darkness. – – 1 to 4 players – – 30 to 60 minutes game play

In Act 1, explore the dungeon, fight enemies, and evade traps in effort to find boss’s lair. In Act 2, engage in an epic battle against the boss. Can you brave the dungeon and overcome the boss’s fury?

This tiny box is packed with 8 hero miniatures, 25 wooden game pieces, 13 wooden monster tokens, 4 dice, 28 dungeon cards, 26 loot cards, 14 spell cards, 6 goblin cards, 8 minion cards, 8 hero mats, 6 boss mats, and 1 torch mat.


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