Games Back in Stock

Games back in stock this week are: Cascadia, Villagers, Great Western Trail, Above And Below, World’s Fair 1893, and Cardline.

  • Cascadia – A spatial puzzle tile-laying game based on the wildlife and habitats here in the Pacific Northwest. Players are going to build their own play area featuring five different terrain types and populated with five different animal types. Scoring cards will be revealed at the start of the game, one for each different animal. – – 1 to 4 players – – 30 to 45 minutes game time
  • Villagers – A card drafting and village building game. Set during the Middle Ages, players are founders each building a new village of people. You will need to find people that can work together to make a profit, while increasing your food surplus and capacity for building new houses in order to make your village the most prosperous. – – 1 to 5 players – – 30 to 60 minutes game time
  • Great Western Trail (2nd Edition) – Head ’em up move ’em out. It’s time to move those herds along from Texas to the railhead of Kansas City. Create strategic outposts along the way to help you on your future treks through. The 2nd edition includes new artwork, a new breed of cows to sell, dual-layer player boards, 2 new buildings, 4 new master tiles, exchange tokens, and solitaire rules for solo play. – – 2 to 4 players – – 75 to 150 minutes.
  • Above And Below – Blends town-building and storytelling.   You will build your village above ground and explore the cavern below.  You’ll need to manage your villagers, each with a unique identity.  A book of encounters gets you into the storytelling aspect of the game. – – 2 to 4 players – – 90 minutes game time
  • World’s Fair 1893 – Travel back in time to an event that demonstrated what was at the time considered cultural and technological entertainment. With simple mechanics and layers of depths, collect exhibition sets, admission tickets, and control exhibition areas as the Ferris wheel ticks away the game turns. This new edition includes a new group of payable historical figures that include: Ida B. Wells, Frederick Douglass, Irvine Garland Penn, Fannie Barrier Williams, and Susan B. Anthony. – – 2 to 4 players – – 40 minutes game time
  • Cardline Animals and Cardline Globetrotters – Card game played with approximately 100 cards. Both sides of each card depict an image with one side also including traits of the image. In the Animal version the traits are length, weight, and lifespan. In the Globetrotter version the traits of the depicted country are size, population, GDP, and CO2 emissions. Players try to be the 1st to get rid of their cards from their tableau. A random starting card is placed in the central play area with the traits side face-up. One of the traits will be chosen as the trait in play during the game. In turn order, players will place one of their face-down trait cards into the central play area where they think if falls in numerical sequencing with the other cards there. Only after choosing a spot, will they flip it over revealing the traits. If they are incorrect, they discard that card and draw a new card without looking at the trait side and place it face-down in their tableau. Play continues with the next player. – – 2 to 7 players – – 15 minutes game time

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