New Game: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

New from Z-Man Games comes Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Pandemic System Game, a cooperative adventure set during the epic era of the Clone Wars. The game includes minifigures (Jedi’s, villains, droids, and blockades), squad cards, villain cards and sheets, mission cards, jedi cards, and more. – – 1 to 5 players – – 60 minutes game play

Stand with your allies as legendary Jedi facing entire legions of battle droids.  Welcome to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a Pandemic system game.  In this game players will work together to defeat 1 or the 4 main villains.  Each villain brings a different challenge.  Players get to choose one of 7 heroes.  They must work together throughout the game to complete a series of missions on different planets scattered across space.  There will be up to 6 separate missions in each game that must be completed before the final mission against the main villain is encountered.  In order to win the players must compete all the missions including the final mission featuring the main villain.  Along the way they will take 4 different actions each turn.  They will move across space from planet to planet.  There they could encounter enemy battle droids and enemy ships.  After each turn more droids will appear on the board.  If a 4th droid is to appear on a planet and an enemy ship is placed on that planet instead.  The placement of a ship causes the threat level to increase.  If the threat level reaches a certain point the villain wins.  The threat can be increased in additional ways and must be monitored at all times.  Players will accumulate cards to help them vanquish the villains.  Players can gather together on planets to use their combined power to destroy droids and ships and eventually complete a mission located on that planet.  So, grab your favorite Jedi and head for planets through the galaxy and be ready to fight to win the battle of The Clone Wars. 

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