New Game: Twilight Inscription

Twilight Inscription gives players a chance to redefine galactic civilization and leave their mark upon the stars.  This massive roll and write game is set in the Twilight Imperium universe.  – – 1 to8 players – – 90 to 120 minutes game play

Players will each play on 4 different boards during the game (Industry, Navigation, Expansion, and Warfare). The industry board will be where players accumulate commodities and resources.  The navigation board allows players to explore the galaxy and discover new planets.  The expansion board can be used to unlock space docks to yield access to additional dice and to access technologies.  The warfare board is where players construct warships to attack the player on their left and the player on their right. Every board has different ways to accumulate points.  The game begins with each player drawing 2 alien cards with diverse special abilities.  They select one to play.  Four public goals are revealed, one for each board.  Then players will use their own abilities and a common set of dice rolled by the active player to explore and build across the galaxy.  The player with the most points will be the winner. 

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