Games Back In Stock

Back in stock and on the shelves, you’ll find Splendor Duel, Botanik, 7 Wonders Architects, and Hey That’s My Fish.

Splendor Duel – A standalone 30-minute 2-player version game in the Spendor universe. Basic game play is the same but with some new twists. There are three ways to win the game: collect 20 points on cards, collect 10 crowns on cards, or collect 10 points of on cards of one color. There is a central game board that will contain a random assortment of gem tokens in a 5×5 grid. You can take up to three tokens and they must be removed from adjacent positions. Some cards have a special ability. Privilege tokens can gain you extra tokens.

Botanik – A 2-player steampunk themed tiled laying game with an interesting mechanic for getting the tiles you want. The goal is to score the most points by constructing a machine of connecting pipes.

7 Wonders Architects – A quick playing version of 7 Wonders, a card drafting and set collection game.  The goal of the game is to outscore your opponents by building your Wonder, gathering point cards, gathering sets of technology cards, and having a stronger military than the players on your left and right.  There are seven different Wonders to choose from. – – 2 to 7 players – – 25 minutes game time.

Hey That’s My Fish! – A strategic fish hunting, in which players control determined penguins hungry for their next meal on a bustling Antarctic ice floe. Move your penguin in a straight line. Then collect the ice floe tile where your penguin started its movement. Each ice floe will depict from one to three fish on it. The player with the most fish at the end of the game wins. – – 2 to 4 players – – 20 minutes

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