Game Profile: Paladins Of The West Kingdom

  • Publisher:  Renegade Games, 2019
  • Players:  1 – 4
  • Time:  90 – 120 min.

Paladins Of The West Kingdom is the second game in the West Kingdom Trilogy.  Architects Of The West Kingdom the first and Viscounts Of The West Kingdom the third; each game is a unique stand-alone with different mechanics.  With Paladins, the theme is all about defending the West Kingdom by using paladins to build outposts and fortifications to commission monks and to confront outsiders at the gate.

This is a game with some interesting and fairly complex mechanics.  It is not hard to play a turn, it is just that everything a player does affects a couple of other things.  A turn begins with everyone drawing the top three cards of their paladin deck.  All decks are the same but shuffled so the order will be different for each player.  Of the three cards drawn, select one card to play, one to place back on the top of your deck, and one to place on the bottom of your deck.  Each paladin, temporarily grants for that round a special ability, two workers, and one or more attribute upgrades necessary to perform actions.  Next, in turn order each player selects a tavern card that provides 4 workers of a varied mix.  There are six different types of workers and twenty-eight different places they can be used to activate actions on a players’ board.  Some spots require a particular type of worker.  The action spaces on the left side of a player’s board concentrate on engine building and gaining resources.  The action spaces on the right side concentrate on scoring and increasing attributes.  There is no direct interaction between players, but turn order can be important in moving monks and buildings from a player’s board to the central game board where additional benefits can be gained.  Actions on the right side of the player’s board require a certain level of an attribute.  There are three types of attributes: influence, strength, and faith.  These actions require a certain level of one attribute type and will provide an increase to the level of a different attribute.

Paladins is played over seven rounds with each round lasting until everyone has passed.  Points can be gained in may ways and the player with the most points wins.  Each of the three attributes scores based on its game end strength level.  There are three public Kings orders that yield points if completed.  The various buildings can score points if enough of one type was constructed.  Outsiders converted to you cause can also yield points.

Paladins Of The West Kingdom

Paladins Of The West Kingdom is a game for gamers.  There are a lot of moving parts and everything is interrelated to other aspects of the game.  These interactions are smooth and make sense once a player unravels what’s going on.  There are no gimme decisions.  Players will need to think about which paladin to play, which tavern card of workers to take, what buildings to build, etc. etc.


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