Game Profile: Viscounts Of The West Kingdom

Viscounts Of The West Kingdom
  • Publisher:  Renegade Games, 2020
  • Players:  1 – 4
  • Time:  60 – 90 min.

Viscounts Of The West Kingdom is the third game in the West Kingdom TrilogyArchitects Of The West Kingdom the first and Paladins Of The West Kingdom the second, each game is a unique stand-alone with different mechanics.  Viscounts features a wide range of mechanics that flows smoothly into a solid whole.  There is a little deck-building, some hand management, a little set collection, some resource management, and some area control all driven by a Viscount on a rondel.

Each turn begins with the placement of a card from a players’ hand of three cards.  Their players’ board has three slots for the cards.  First, push the card in the right-most slot off the board, slide the two cards remaining to the right, and then place the new card in the now available left-most slot.  The distance a player moves their Viscount on the main board is determined by the card played from their hand.  Once the Viscount is moved around the rondel to their chosen location, the action of that location is taken using the action icons on all three cards now on their player board.  In addition, the card pushed off may have a drop off effect as well.  Action spaces can be used to trade for money and/or resources, construct buildings, place workers in the castle, or transcribe manuscripts depending on which type of space the Viscount landed on.  Once that is done, the player can recruit the townsfolk card adjacent to the location of their Viscount to their discard pile for later use.

All points are awarded at the end of the game.  Game end is triggered when one of two different card decks are depleted.  One deck is debt cards and the other is deed cards, both of which are acquired during the course of the game.  Major points are gained by constructing buildings, placing may workers in the castle, and transcribing sets of manuscripts.  The player with the most points is top Viscount.

Viscounts Of The West Kindgom

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